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Body & Hair Care Pack (Body Wash 200 ml + Hair Oil 200 ml + Shampoo 250 ml)

Body & Hair Care Pack (Body Wash 200 ml + Hair Oil 200 ml + Shampoo 250 ml)

₹900.00 Regular Price
₹800.00Sale Price

Experience the epitome of grooming perfection with the Merchants of East Body & Hair Care Pack! This deluxe edition is designed to elevate your self-care routine to new heights. Immerse yourself in the revitalizing embrace of a generous 200ml Cypress Body Wash, indulge in the invigorating blend of Ginger & Whitefur with a lavish 250ml Shampoo, and pamper your locks with a sumptuous 200ml Hempseed Hair Oil that will leave your hair irresistibly nourished and lustrous. With this bigger pack, you can fully immerse yourself in the opulent experience of Merchants of East products, enveloping yourself in an aura of refined masculinity. Elevate your grooming game and embrace the transformative power of Merchants of East, now in a larger size that promises an extraordinary grooming adventure. Discover the ultimate grooming indulgence and let your hair and body experience the luxury they truly deserve.

  • What's in the Pack?

    Body Wash 200ml

    Shampoo 250ml

    Hair Oil 200ml

  • Fragrances

    Body Wash : Cypress

    Discover the captivating essence of Cypress, a symphony of evergreen and woody warmth. Let its enchanting aroma transport you to a serene forest, where tranquility and adventure intertwine. Embrace the beauty of nature as Cypress lingers on your skin, leaving a trail of aromatic notes that awaken your senses. Experience the allure of the great outdoors in a single breath, immersing yourself in its timeless elegance. Unleash the power of Cypress and embark on an olfactory journey that leaves an everlasting impression.

    Shampoo : Ginger & White Fur

    This alluring scent is a harmonious blend of invigorating ginger and the subtle sweetness of whitefur. Immerse yourself in the aromatic embrace as the zesty notes of ginger awaken your senses, while the delicate hints of whitefur add a touch of elegance. The fragrance lingers in the air, leaving a trail of sophistication wherever you go. Let the enchanting Ginger & Whitefur fragrance transport you to a world of sensory delight, enveloping you in its irresistible charm. Embrace the essence of Merchants of East and indulge in a truly captivating experience.

    Hair Oil : Natural

    We have not added any additional fragrance in hair oil, the key fragrance is natural and is of oils used in the preperation.

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